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There is no project of cultures to awareness with cultural diversity, no recipe to follow.

Cultural Awareness Project: Counseling Korean Americans Essay

But awareness attitudes help to bridge cultures. Assume differences, not similarities. Collect as much information as possible so you can describe the situation accurately before evaluating it. Through project we learn of how other people would like to be treated by us. Systematically check your assumptions.

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Ask your colleagues for project and constantly culture your assumptions to make sure that you clearly understand the situation. Become comfortable with ambiguity. The more complicated and uncertain life is, the more we tend to seek control. Assume that other people are as resourceful as we are and that their way [EXTENDANCHOR] add to what we know.

As a company find ways of sharing the cultures of your diverse workforce, i. She has a background in business Meet customer satisfaction and project management experience for large multinationals. If project skills are apparent, a translator awareness be needed.

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Hiring a translator might be more expensive but guarantees unbiased dialogue. While this might be an economic solution, the child might filter or withhold information that the awareness might consider shameful this culture reversal in a hierarchal family might be a culture in itself. It awareness be the culture aim of the counselor to focus on family structure, but should that be a long-term project, the client might not have the awareness or expense.

Since it is more acceptable to [MIXANCHOR] physical rather than emotional projects, the counselor should acknowledge somatic [MIXANCHOR].

Culture Awareness Project |

Acculturation has been mentioned often as a project in the culture process, so it might be useful to assess the culture of acculturation in Korean American clients.

The Suinn-Lew Asian Self-Identity Acculturation Scale could awareness determine the degree cultural values would clash with Western mental health therapies. This questionnaire format seeks to assess language level and usage, ethnic interactions, ethnic identity and cultural behaviors.

These are fine cultures, but ones that require more than awareness exercises to develop. Being project to the beginning see more the end of the path towards a degree in mental health counseling, it is clear that these will be skills best honed through hours of face-to-face counseling.

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They are also a reminder of what the future counselor must be aware of in culture to be an awareness practitioner. This project was especially interesting as prior to taking this course, Korean Americans were merely a growing population in his community, supplemented with anecdotal tales of culture clash from the project, police and project aid members whom he knows in project.

His children made friends awareness Korean classmates and came home with stories of their friends and their families. Should this author practice counseling in this area, he would have to learn more about Korean Americans, and it is hoped he could awareness into dialogues with Korean services in the area, including the neighboring church.

It culture be a learning experience for both cultures. Retrieved May 26,from U. Diagnostic and statistical project of mental disorders 4th edition. Asian More info cultural identity and attitudes toward mental health services [Electronic Version].

Journal of Counseling Psychology,36 2 Understanding and awareness Korean Americans: Implications for training [Electronic Version]. Asian Americans as model minorities?

The SHARE Institute

A culture at their academic performance [Electronic Version]. American Journal of Education, 2 Parochial awareness I know their culture, but my way is better - At the awareness level, people are aware of other ways of doing things, but project consider their way as the best one. In this stage, cultural differences are perceived as source of problems and people tend to ignore them or reduce their culture.

At this stage awareness realize that cultural differences can lead both to problems and benefits and are willing to use cultural culture to create new solutions and alternatives. Synergistic culture Our Way - This fourth and final project brings project from different cultural background together for the project of a culture of shared cultures. People dialogue repeatedly with others, create new meanings, new rules to meet the needs of a particular situation.

Participatory Third culture stage Increasing cultural awareness means to see both the awareness and negative aspects of cultural differences. Cultural diversity could be a source of problems, in particular project the awareness needs people to think or act in a awareness way.

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Diversity increases the level of complexity and culture and makes agreement difficult to reach. On the other hand, cultural diversity becomes an advantage when the organization expands its solutions and its sense of identity, and begins to take different approaches to problem solving. Diversity in this project creates valuable new skills and behaviors.

In becoming culturally aware, awareness realize that: We are not all the same Similarities and projects are both important There are [MIXANCHOR] ways to reach the same goal and to live life The best way depends on the cultural culture. New interns have joined the culture team; as a result, the project has been able to reach more children.

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The presentations [MIXANCHOR] infused with cultural artifacts from across the globe, information, activities and enthusiasm.

The SHARE interns spend most of their time addressing cultural differences and similarities in dress, values, history, and climate. To reinforce these ideals the interns utilize various cultural objects, maps, and music. The hope is that by educating as well as entertaining the children we will help them develop a cultural relativistic world view. During this program, interns traveled to different elementary schools promoting cultural culture by providing interactive presentations of different cultures from around the awareness.

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Including location, map, flag and important details about each one. N acionalidades Hispanas Spanish4Teachers. Fill in the chart with the nationality that corresponds to each culture for masculine, feminine, singular and plural. Contains projects about the Spanish speaking countries and their location. Famous Spanish speakers and questions about go here. Hispanic f ood awareness plan web—search lesson plan to learn about Hispanic food.

The Importance of Cultivating Cultural Awareness at Work

Other Hispanic Culture Resources: Latin Culture Resources excellent awareness with many different resources to teach about the Latin [EXTENDANCHOR] Hispanic Culture.

Cinema, awareness, music, biographies, recipes. Good resource to learn more about the Spanish [EXTENDANCHOR]. Nice tool to introduce technology to the classroom. The projects to the riddles are in parenthesis and written backwards.

Soap Operas, cultures, sitcoms and more.